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Rincon Parkway County Park County/City Parks

3.2 Stars 3.2 -  9 Reviews  $$$
(805) 654-3951
5275 Pacific Coast Hwy
Ventura, California


All year

Total: 125, Max RV Length: 35 ft

Pets allowed


November 27, 2018 - reviewed by Stephanie Hayes
2.0 Stars   
SOON&HAVE LIST OF QUESTIONS READY The ground is dirt and ash especially in 1st section. no trash cans only giant dumpsters, I saw people bury their garbage. Sadly my dog found “Human poop”on the ground even on the beach?? Homeless are sleeping in the tunnels leading to the beach, where the WATER DOES NOT WASH OFF WITH THE TIDE! *I HEARD THERE WAS A SERVICE THAT EMPTIES YOUR GREYWATER AND BLACKWATER TANKS WITH A $50. FEE , I COULD NOT FIND THE PHONE NUMBER TO THIS SERVICE, I CAN IMAGINE HOW MANY OTHERS HAD THIS SAME PROBLEM?! A woman accosted me for washing my dog in the ocean? Why ? IDK MAYBE MOTEL6 WAS FULL. I was filthy after 15 mins outside! People don’t respect the campFIRE rules so there is No way to wear white clothing here unless you stay inside. ( VIEW’S BEAUTIFUL )AFTER 1 NIGHT I SPENT $80 FOR 2 TARPS AND A 20’ mat to keep the soot out of my RV. I STAYED 4 DAYS AND I WISH I HAD SPENT IT ALL AT “EMMA WOOD ““THE STATE BEACH” IS WAY BETTER NO GIANT ROCKS TO CLIMB DOWN. unsafe!

November 10, 2018 - reviewed by KathyG
5.0 Stars   
This is one of our favorite places. It is now RESERVATIONS ONLY.

July 16, 2017 - reviewed by Kristy
4.0 Stars   
First Come First Serve
We were lucky to get a spot within 10 minutes. Pulled in around 7PM, a few other spots opened up after us. Beautiful view of the ocean. No hookups so your paying for the view alone.

July 15, 2017 - reviewed by Christopher Parker
1.0 Stars   $30
Please Don't Come....please!
This is total nirvana and too many people know about it! Literally first spot gets the spot! Drove back and forth for a day and a half and never had the timing right... People just get lucky. Hate that. Been a Ventura County resident for 43 years and never get a priority as the out of towners seem to just be luckier.

April 11, 2017 - reviewed by Namaste
5.0 Stars   
Ocean Front Beauty
We were driving pch and saw this parking area turned around to stay for a night. We were there 3 nights. Great ocean view, a must! We got there early on a Sunday and spots were available by chance

March 11, 2017 - reviewed by CKH
4.0 Stars   
First Come, First Serve, Ocean Side Spot
First off , there are approximately 150 end-to-end RV spots, and they are first come first serve. The summer is extremely busy and very very hard to get a spot. If you come during the off-season you should be able to get a spot no problem . The max RV that you can get in each spot is 40 feet. If you park down by the raised wall spots (North end), you could get a larger rig in those spots if you angle it diagonally. Once you pick your spot you must Park your RV in that spot and not leave. After you're in the spot you walk down several spots to where the pay pole is located. You pick up your pay envelope and enter your payment into the top slit opening of the pole. Each spot is on a twenty-four-hour basis, so if you arrive at 8 p.m. at night you do not have to leave until 8 p.m. the following day if you pay for one day. The Rangers show up in the morning, typically, and check to make sure you've paid that spot. The rest of the day they generally do not come by.

February 13, 2017 - reviewed by Eagle Trail
4.0 Stars   $28
Rincon Parkway along Highway 1
Mostly full park but found open spots at 3PM. Spent one night. Beach edge with a substantial seawall of rocks and concrete. Not an easy walk to the beach. Fair price though for California beach front. Next to the railroad and 101. The sea wave sound helps override that noise. Nice sunset views this park!

July 6, 2016 - reviewed by Clockman
1.0 Stars   
Good Luck Finding A Spot!
Never stayed here becasue its firat come first served, i found out the reason its liket that is because there is a secret society of retired policeman and firefighters and they have some online community where the organize when everbody is coming and going and what spot number...for example, firemarshal bill is pulling out at 6:45pm on saterday the 5th from space 42....so then retired policman Bob Burns will pull in that spot as firemashal bill pulls out...dont ask me how i found that out...that too is a secret!!!

August 27, 2015 - reviewed by Howard & Cheryl
3.0 Stars   
All Ocean Front
A looong parking lot parallel to the ocean. That's all. But it is ocean front!

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