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Thousand Trails / Morgan Hill Preserve 1000 Trails

2.4 Stars 2.4 -  5 Reviews  $$$
(408) 779-6396
Morgan Hill, California


Water, Electric, Wi-fi, Pool, Pets allowed, Tents


November 3, 10:22am - reviewed by Roark's Ventures
4.0 Stars   
The Park Got Some Upgrades...
My wife and I were staying at this park just before the floods wiped out the main entry bridge in late 2016. It closed the park for about a year. Back then, the park was definitely run down and invited some pretty beat up looking RVs which negaitivly affected the feel and look of the overall park. Having come back after it reopened recently you can see some park improvements. New bridge, remodeled bathrooms, classy looking family and adult lodges. Level sites with new gravel make the sites look fresh against the dry fall background. Wi-Fi is still spotty in the lodges and the TV channels in the adult lodge are far and few. The huge pool looks about the same and the playground nice and tidy. Difinitely increased scrutiny on the RVs allowed to enter. I had a small piece of discrete black tape covering a hole in a vent cover which I had to climb up and remove before entering. High park standards are good but hopefully, people don't travel too far to get turned away. Classy park.

October 31, 3:53pm - reviewed by Meredith
1.0 Stars   
We're Not Good Enough
Apparently their standards are too high for us. We travel full time with our kids in a 2009 travel trailer. Inside is fully renovated. When we pulled in to check in, they turned us away. WE ARE MEMBERS! They told us our rig was too dirty. We needed to have it washed, scrape the stickers off that are peeling and fix the small door on the back that broke. Beyond pissed.

July 24, 9:48am - reviewed by Wendy
3.0 Stars   
closed until September 30th 2017

September 11, 8:11pm - reviewed by Dih
2.0 Stars   
Thousand trail
Unfortunately Jane is 100% right. The place is over run by full time broken down looking trailers and their vehicles, homeless does describe it. Bathrooms are leaking but the showers are hot (if you get in before midnight) they turn off the hot water from midnight to early morning from what I understand. Another negative is no sewer so you have to dump yourself or pay for them to come around and pump out your tanks. Staff seems pretty nice. Rules are a little over the top, for example "you can't be away from your rig overnight or you will be charged a $32 fee." 5MPH even for bicycles and they say staff uses radar guns... All dirt spots, the dust is everywhere!!!!! 2 days and you stuff will be covered in dust. And they try to get people to pay thousands of dollars to become a member.... Just fyi.

March 21, 6:49pm - reviewed by Jane Madison
2.0 Stars   
Many "full-time" campers,looks like homeless people took over a large area of the park.