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Roswell Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(575) 623-2062
4500 N Main St Ste A
Roswell, New Mexico


Overnight parking


October 17, 11:38am - reviewed by Emily
Great stay. Do not use entrance out front, very tight. Instead continue driving (with Walmart on your left) and there is a truck entrance on your left. They have designated RV parking towards the side of the parking lot by Sam's Club. Very windy the night we stayed, but a perfectly good spot for an overnight. Thanks Walmart!!

August 25, 4:41pm - reviewed by Alan
Here at 5pm, no other campers yet, I trust it's still ok, no signs posted. Nice BBQ restaurant just across the street. Here by myself so pretty lonely so far.

October 4, 9:15am - reviewed by Mike And Carl
Easy to find on the north edge of town. Well lighted with lots of room. No semis allowed so it was pretty quiet. Staff is friendly. Let us drop the camper to roam the area a couple days.