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Fort Collins / Lakeside KOA KOA

3.2 Stars 3.2 -  12 Reviews  $$$$
(970) 484-9880
1910 Lakeside Resort Lane
Fort Collins, Colorado


Water, Electric, Fifty Amp, Sewer, Wi-fi, Pool, Pets allowed, Tents, Cable TV


October 5, 2019 - reviewed by Donna B.
3.0 Stars   
WiFi Is A Downside
The park is large with lots of trees and amenities, so there’s much to like. However, I need reliable internet access for business purposes and hoped this KOA would have it given how close it is to Fort Collins. Unfortunately, the wifi was slow and I would frequently lose the signal. I’m not talking about streaming, but just for regular Internet use. For that reason, I can only give them 3 stars.

September 17, 2019 - reviewed by JVM
5.0 Stars   
Disreagard the bad Reviews
We stayed 2 nights and its one of the best KOAs we've been to. Thete's mini golf, pedal boats, bumper boats, lovely walking path around the pond. My husband said the showers are huge and spotless. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Nice store. I don't understand the homeless person comment. The location is far from town. They would have had to walk for miles?? Actually my only negatuve is (like lots of KOAs) the drive into the park is not very nice... Parked junky equipment but once you're in, its lovely.

September 13, 2019 - reviewed by Hookem
4.0 Stars   
Nice Place
We staid for 2 nights. Staff was very nice. Park was clean including the bathrooms. Sites are level and full hookups. Wifi was good.

September 3, 2019 - reviewed by Denise
4.0 Stars   
Lady In The Shower
While this place has a lot of rules and fees, what they don’t have is security at night ..oh, they want to see that yellow thing in the windshield , but at night the gate is left unattended and if you go shower early enough you may find a homeless woman passed out in the only shower stall with a door. I brazenly (and foolishly ) tossed her and her stuff out then informed the staff when they came on duty at 8am... I thought I’d get my sites comped for the aggravation, but no , just a “thanks, there is no security from 2-8 am” ,come on that’s when you DON’T want people coming in ,DUH......otherwise the park was very nice , lots of activities included in daily rate when they open at noon . The pond and walking path with ART in the trees was a highlight , but seriously need to hire a guy to sit at the gate at night . I would think at >$60 per night /per site would cover that

July 10, 2019 - reviewed by David
5.0 Stars   
Great Park For Kids
This is the nicest koa I’ve stayed at. Private lake with paddle boats. Huge kids park. Pool with water play park for kids. Lots of rules but my family had a great time. Kids slept hard after long day of play.

September 29, 2018 - reviewed by Toyota John
1.0 Stars   
Ft Collins Needs A Campground
Terrible location for a campground. This place is about six miles through town or about fifteen miles on faster roads. When you finally arrive, you will think you missed it and arrived at a junk yard. Turn east and drive a quarter mile through junk and finally arrive at a narrow gate and speed bumps. Hold on to the dishes kids we are going to be rocking. The staff are nice enough people that don’t give a rip that you have chosen this over priced place to stay. Pay your money, and stay out of trouble or they will fine you. What do you get for the high price? I have been here five nights and the internet has not worked for one minute yet. When I asked when it might be working the answer is drive to Starbucks and use theirs, or call the KOA provider and complain to them. But. I did not give my money to the provider, I gave my money to you.... This area needs a campground worthy of the beautiful country. Let’s hope someone builds one soon. Till then just drive on by and save $$$

July 7, 2018 - reviewed by Katy Arnold
5.0 Stars   $65
Well Maintained
We stayed 2 nights here in a back in lot that had a nice patio and good shade. The staff was very friendly and helpful, top notch there. Tons of fun kids things to do. Pool, paddle boats, bumper boats etc. The park has excessive rules in my opinion, $10 per person charge for visitors is a head shaker for us. It's a good location to launch area attractions etc without feeling like you are in the city. We would return, but only if we could not find a park that doesn't have a 2 dog limit. We normally travel with 3 extremely well mannered Dalmatians, so this would eliminate this park for our consideration.

May 26, 2018 - reviewed by Chris McLeod
1.0 Stars   
Time To Sell
$10 fee for additional dogs over 2 $75 fee to wash camper $50 fee to drive over grass $10 fee to visit a camper, even for 1 minute $25 fee for fire ring resodding $$ fee to cancel $$$ fee for talking with someone who cares When you hate people this much, it’s time to sell the business and move on. Failing that, please consider training your staff on customer service. Oh, and if you’re going to charge people extra for dogs, at least have the courtesy to use that money to send staff out to pick up the 10 gallons of poo on your grounds. Those of us who do pick up after our multiple dogs and pay the fee are offended by that much waste on the ground.

September 1, 2017 - reviewed by TexasTumbleweed
4.0 Stars   
Super Amenities But Thoughtless Staff
The amenities were super. We got a site with a hot tub and loved it. The front office staff and all the folks we met made this the best place we had ever stayed.....until Mr. Let's Cut The Grass at the Crack of Dawn decides to drive the 130dba sound level mower next to my head that's behind that rugged RV cardboard sound suppression design we all know. Would have rated the place 5 star, but Mr. Mower blew it for me.

August 4, 2017 - reviewed by Dennis
1.0 Stars   
Why the two day minimum? We're traveling through to the West would be nice be able to take a hot shower and relax one evening before getting on the road again. Why would I want to stay at a campsite that requires me to spend two days there, I guess KOA means Weekend Warriors only

July 16, 2017 - reviewed by Shelly Lacey
1.0 Stars   
Terrible customer Service
We had a reservation here and they could not find it. They front desk really could have cared less. They didn't have our reservation so that was it, "all full go somewhere else and not our problem" was their attitude. We have been traveling for 30 days and I try to stay at a KOA when one is in the area. I am very familiar with their website and booking procedure. After being left with no place to stay after driving 24 hours (while promising my daughter a swim as soon as we got there) and they way they just said sorry about your luck, I will not use KOA in the future. Be careful of their website. I made this reservation and it was confirmed but I did not receive an email. I missed that since I had so many for 30 nights across the country.

June 25, 2017 - reviewed by Russ & Karla
5.0 Stars   
Loved The Park And The Town
We stayed 2 days but this would be a park I could have stayed longer. Lots of trees, level spots and very nice people working there. Listened to the birds and watched the bunnies chase each other. Patio spot was delightful!

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