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Salt Lake City Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(801) 484-7311
350 Hope Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah


No overnight parking


September 18, 4:43pm - reviewed by Andrew
Got scammed with a boot for $150 yesterday. Seems like an awful area made worst by extreme amounts of homeless who mostly seem to clearly be drug addicts.

June 23, 12:22pm - reviewed by Rachel
Not Good Walmart
We went to this Walmart just to shop for supplies. It had no room for parking a trailer. Was hard to maneuver around. They even had a parking structure.

June 1, 12:32am - reviewed by Kirsten
Atomic Towing
Unfortunately we did not verify if this Walmart was ok for overnight parking. We set up shop and had a loud knock on the door at 1am. Turned out to be a local towing company, we were booted and asked for $80 or get towed. The guys were a bit shady, no uniforms or lock on the boot. We weren't about to find out if they were legit or not. Bummer on our part.