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Woodburn Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(503) 981-9622
3002 Stacey Allison Way
Woodburn, Oregon


Overnight parking


July 29, 3:32pm - reviewed by Ontheroad
No overnight but....
A lot of sign with no overnight parking. We decided to stay and during the night they were about 20 truckers and 4 rv/fifthweels.

July 20, 3:30pm - reviewed by D&A
Stayed a couple of times at this walmart now they are really cracking down. More than likely because of the rude people throwing trash everywhere. Don't blame them. We spend so much money here it sucks that we can't just park our r.v. and explore.

May 1, 5:00pm - reviewed by Traveling Tona
Truckers Have Taken Over
Resemblance to a truck stop. No real room for RVs, just semis plugging it up.

January 9, 9:01am - reviewed by Kayla
Overnight Parking Permitted
There are some signs that state no overnight parking however, we have stayed overnight at this Walmart multiple times and had no issues. There are always other RVs in the lot and big rigs as well. The lot is huge and there is plenty of space.

March 3, 5:48pm - reviewed by Masis S.
Truckers taken up entire back in area, lots of signs saying no overnight parking in the lot. No space to pull in. Couple RVs parked across many parking spaces in the limited area available.