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2.2 Stars 2.2 - 19 Reviews  $$$
(800) 443-7248
1503 N Hayden Island Dr
Portland, Oregon


Water, Electric, Fifty Amp, Sewer, Wi-fi, Pool, Pets allowed, Cable TV


April 6, 2024 - reviewed by Marlie E
1.0 Stars   
Discriminatory RV Park
We recently structured our travel around the Jantzen Beach RV park after calling ahead to ensure they had plenty of spots. It wasn't until we were on the road that we called to finalize the reservation. At that time we were asked for the age of our motorhome. In 30+ years of RVing I've never been asked this. Bottom line was that it didn't matter the condition of our RV (which is very good), or whether we were Good Sam members, or anything else. All that mattered was that our motorhome was over 10 years old and they would not let us book a spot. I understand the homeless issues in the Portland area, but the fact that they were not willing to verify through other means that we were in fact a valid RV camper, is something that I have never even contemplated before. This is a dangerous precedent for RV parks and I hope the RV community fights back by not providing business to any companies with these policies. Safe travels everyone!

March 3, 2024 - reviewed by Rikkiracer
2.0 Stars   $49
Not What We Expected
We stayed here for the convenience of visiting family in Portland. The location was perfect. That said didn’t like the fact that when we pulled into our spot we were absolutely surrounded by long term residents. It just gives a different vibe in places that allow that while we are going there for a “trip”. Anyway, the office staff were nice and helpful. However we had to sign our life away for a bathroom access card. Then when we were able to use the restrooms they were not cleaned and had clogged toilets and a broken shower head and are just aging. They put all us short stay guests needing pull though access right next to each other. If you have slides like 2 of us did you have to pull further forward and can’t use the sewer hook up. Very nice long term resident came and talked with us about the crime and to not leave anything out or it will get taken. Don’t think we will be back here.

July 26, 2022 - reviewed by Eagle
2.0 Stars   
Great Staff!!! Best Days Behind It!
I’ve stayed at Jantzen Beach Rv Park on and off for 30 years!!! Always had great experiences here but last few years it’s really running down fast! Tons of homeless call Hayden island home in summer so there everywhere you go! Lots of Break-ins and theft throughout the park! Mostly long term residents most of which have spent several decades here! A lot of older run down looking rigs with very cluttered spaces! For some reason most people that are permanent residents have two three sometimes four cars per sight! Makes it almost impossible to maneuver a larger rig through the park! A windstorm came through a couple years ago and blew down several trees onto campers including mine! Most trees here Diseased and dying ready to fall down very Dangerous! Last year a lady that worked as a Janitor a resident of the park got shot bye the pool area in broad daylight!!!!! If you don’t believe it ask someone that lives there they love to tell the story!!! Unfortunately I can no longer Recommend!

January 1, 2022 - reviewed by Traveling Micks
3.0 Stars   
Not As Bad As Others Said
Based on others very poor reviews we avoided this place. Instead stayed at Portland Fairview. We drove through this place and Columbia River RV park. Of the three I would rate this one better than where we are staying (Fairview) but not as nice as Columbia River (we drove through it too. Downside of Jantzens is the RV section is in front near road. The park is behind major shopping center. Back section is all mobile homes in various states of condition (honestly some should be demo’d). There seems to be significant number of long term RVers, but one section near pool appears to be short term. Decent/newer RVs. We didn’t see homeless in front of park. One homeless rv behind Home Depot (bit down from park) and under bridge. OF three Columbia River appears to be best.

May 12, 2021 - reviewed by Snacks & Facts
1.0 Stars   
Not Worth It
Should've listened to the reviews on this app but we needed to stop in Portland for just one night on our camping adventure honeymoon, we thought one night isn't that bad, right? Well, first off, management did not inform us that they had closed the bathrooms/showers and since we did a late check in, we didn't know until it was too late to check in anywhere else. We have a 12 foot travel trailer with a couch that turns into a bed and a kitchen in the back, but we don't have a toilet so that was a MAJOR problem. My husband made the mistake of asking a guy about the bathrooms and he went on a horribly unsettling rant about the park. He suggested we walk to the target or the truck stop to use the bathroom. After we walk away, the man followed us and begin telling us what all could be stolen by the homeless and that he pays by the week but chased off homeless people last night. With our giant "JUST MARRIED" words written all over our trailer, I didn't want to risk us being a target. Big no

April 21, 2021 - reviewed by The Clarks
2.0 Stars   $50
Has Gone Downhill Big time!
Has gone downhill big time. We’ve stopped here for anywhere from one night to a week while traveling for the last eight years, but during these last couple of years it’s taken a nosedive. Dirty junk filled long term spaces have taken over. No regard for how much junk tenants haul in, cars, or evidently how many sheds and outbuildings they want to put up either. This use to be a great spot near Portland, but don’t feel safe or comfortable here any longer. Will find a new stop in the Portland area for the future.

January 22, 2021 - reviewed by Eagle
2.0 Stars   
This Is An Update From Last Year !
I’ve stayed in this Rv campground many times in summer and always had great experiences BUT!!!! Things are drastically going down hill not just inside the campground but outside as well! Last summer several trees fell and damaged several rvs nobody did anything about it ?? It took two weeks for staff to clean up after wind storm ?? My pickup was almost broken into ! If not for a guy that was standing outside and chased the thieves away!! Several brake ins happened on our row alone ! Homeless and thieves just drive through stop in front of your trailer get out and steal stuff daylight or dark doesn’t matter!!!! No one does anything about it! I really like this area and the campground is clean but the homeless and rampant crime is driving me away from Portland all together! Unfortunately Jantzen beach is turning just like the rest of the campgrounds here in Portland overwhelmed and running down ! It’s unfortunate!

August 16, 2020 - reviewed by Charro
2.0 Stars   
A little trashy. No restrooms or laundry open with Covid while other RV parks in area are with precautions. Makes it very inconvenient. Level spots with spotty shade due to trees. Very loud with Tug boat traffic and military planes in AM. Hard to get sleep into morning. Good for a day or 2 layover but if in area for a length of stay look 30 minutes outside of this location.

August 2, 2020 - reviewed by Ricky Bobby
4.0 Stars   $54
My experience was much better than other reviews. RV park is a mix 60/40 of long term older trailers vs short stays. Spaces are smaller, but paved. Adjacent to RV park is a well kept trailer park, looked mostly retired folks. Not sleezy or scary. Across the street and beyond trees was big shopping plaza with Target, restaurants, and many stores. Probably not my favorite “relaxing” and “outdoorsy” spot, but what you get is a great location to I-5, Portland, and Vancouver, WA. Airplanes are overhead,but very high. Sound/sleep is not an issue. Price is very good. Would definitely stay again.

June 23, 2020 - reviewed by Absolute Crypto
5.0 Stars   $60
Nice Management
Management was nice, the RV area was nice, but the area outside wasn't. Kind of rundown and a little scary at night. Inside the park seemed good though.

July 8, 2019 - reviewed by Jwj
1.0 Stars   
The only thing this place has going for it, is its location. First of all this place is a mobile home park with an area for RVs. You can get a big rig in here, but it is a bit tight. There are many long term or permanent residents in the rv spots and unfortunately a fair amount of them are pretty trashy. When we arrive the attendent at the count was a young lady who didn’t seem to enthused to help you, and diring our week stay I did not see one caretaker or manager around the park, except at the office. This explains why it so trashy, as they do not seem to interested in keeping the place up. Frankly we will NOT come back. The place is a dump.

June 9, 2018 - reviewed by Jess and Drew
1.0 Stars   $36
Drew and I are very simple people who don’t need a lot. Electricity is one of them. The water/sewer was fine but our electricity did not work. I called the two numbers provided by the office and the emergency security number which was disconnected. The WiFi provided is very slow, which we don’t really care about but the service for your phone is pretty bad here. Dog friendly, yes but that’s about it. When we talked to the office the next morning they didn’t even come check out hookup to see what the problem was and didn’t offer to discount our bill either. They do not care about you. Also, we are both military so we didn’t mind all the flight traffic but it is HEAVY if you are sensitive to noise especially at night. The other patrons were very sweet but we didn’t see anyone till morning. Also, if you get late check in they don’t provide you with bathroom access and the laundry room closes early as well. THIS PLACE IS EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT.

June 6, 2018 - reviewed by JMW
2.0 Stars   
Too Loud
Directly under Portland International flight path and near train also. Last time for me here. Facilities ok just noise level.

September 10, 2017 - reviewed by Cam
4.0 Stars   
Very Fine Inexpensive For Full Hookup
This park has well landscaped grounds and no garbage laying around. The bathrooms are clean. The check in was polite, quick, and effecient. It's a big and busy park. The location is next to many stores such as Target and Best Buy. During the day there is air traffic noise, but almost no plane noise at night. Super nice at only $32/night for full hookup near a major metro city (Portland). We never felt unsafe. Yes there is a modular home community with a few too many cars nearby. Yes there are some longer term RVRS (with too much stuff outside RV). But it's all fine.

July 1, 2017 - reviewed by Douglas
1.0 Stars   
This is the loudest park I have ever been in. I'm a retired truck driver and I have never stayed in a truck stop this loud ! Trains , planes , automobiles, large ship horns , you have it all even the derelict rv out on the main road with generator running night and day . Maybe good Sam needs to reevaluate their rating system. Never stay again!! I give it a zer

March 31, 2017 - reviewed by Jayme
1.0 Stars   
Tried to get in this park for long term. Treated like scum. Turned away because of age of rv( mine is a very nice , respectable '96 class A. Snotty management. Too many tweekers in park roaming around at night in park looking for things to steal. Very uncomfortable feeling when you drive through at night and the tweekers try to impede your progress to see who you are. Told management and they laughed at me and said " it's out of our control". Too much nonsense and bad management at this park. Want to get your property stolen and get treated like "trailer trash" this could be your next adventure! Very tired of being treated like garbage because I live in an rv. Wouldn't stay here if you paid me!

February 16, 2017 - reviewed by Kenicki
3.0 Stars   $35
It's Ok
We've been coming here since 2011 off and on while visiting family this time while a new addition cones into the world never have I seen so much trash and sketchy people in the park 1st we couldn't stay a month because there is a waiting list?!? Then we find out its a 2 week Max? Well if I was the management of this park I'd reconsider your choices you make more money with your nightly people letting in trashy RV'S and sketchy people to live there only runs the park down older RV'S are OK but to have the "permanent look" crap everywhere around trailers and cars parked so RV'S can't drive around is just ridiculous Hey here's an idea save some spots for people whom actually don't want to make your park look like a homeless camp and people may just wanna come back.....we only wanted to stay a month why a waiting list for someone that doesn't want to be a permanent fixed rv at your rv park? If your going to put a cap on it have some sense SMH

July 20, 2016 - reviewed by Ryan
1.0 Stars   
If You Want Quiet - Stay Somewhere Else!
OMG this was the loudest park I've ever stayed at. Every few minutes was either a plane taking off, a semi truck passing by, a big diesel redneck driving through the park, a military jet taking off overhead, a car carrier banging down the street, some loser shouting at his wife in the trailer park next door, the Gardner mower right outside, or a train sounding the horn. Ridiculous.

July 4, 2016 - reviewed by Dinoc
3.0 Stars   
A Pleasant Spot
This park is very unusual. Most of the place is permanent single wides and double wides. The rv section also has a lot of permanent residents. The sites are generous with grass and picnic tables. All of our neighbors were very friendly, even gregarious. There are lots of kids running around and people were enjoying the 2 nice pools. Surpisingly quiet for its location. Rates are reasonable. A big shopping center is across the street.

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