RV Parks & Campgrounds

Santa Fe Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(505) 424-9304
5701 Herrera Drive
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Overnight parking


January 14, 9:45pm - reviewed by Chris
They have good security! Security drives around parking lot frequently.

February 17, 8:19am - reviewed by @_onthehorizon
No overnighting. Go to Sam's club

February 5, 5:30pm - reviewed by Terri Browne
February 2018
We did not see any RV parking. Signs everywhere that says no RV parking.

December 29, 9:02pm - reviewed by A.J
Oct 2016. RV PARKING on West side of lot. Had car with 2 women park next to my RV for the nite. Get there early. Fills up fast.