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Mesquite Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(702) 346-0208
1120 W Pioneer Blvd
Mesquite, Nevada


Overnight parking


September 15, 5:59pm - reviewed by Mike
Pulled in just before dark in truck camper towing my jeep. No problems . Woke up to a large motorcoach with very loud generator.. at 4am

May 9, 6:07am - reviewed by Westcoaster
Stayed Overnight, No Problems
Stayed in North East part of parking lot overnight up by recycling bins and car wash. Me, 2 other RVs, and 3 trucks had no problems on 5-8-2018. There is literally one "no overnight parking" sign right next to the gas station side entrance. There is no sign at the North "bank or car wash" Walmart parking lot entrance. The sign is probably there so they can kick out people who want to LIVE in the parking lot, or turn it into a party place. I saw neither occuring. If this sign really bothers you, there is a massive open lot 2 blocks east of the Casa Blanca casino just on the other side of the Highway 5 minutes away. Trucks and RVs park there also.

March 25, 7:44pm - reviewed by Cindy
Prominent signs indicate no overnight parking for RVs or semi-trucks. So, i did not attempt to stay the night and I do not know if the lot is patrolled.