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Las Vegas Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

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2310 E Serene Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada


Overnight parking


April 15, 6:51am - reviewed by Seth Potter
I used to drive over the road. Walmart’s everywhere are doing this.

August 4, 11:03pm - reviewed by Full Timer
This was the only Wal-Mart that said overnite parking was ok. We got here around 4 pm. Went to Sam's Club next door to shop and had dinner a one of the business, s out front of Wal-Mart. My wife even went to get her hair cut. We also shops at Wal-Mart for groceries. Then around 10 pm the security guards changed shifts. The guard said the management didn't want any overnite rv parking. She said we could go over on the Sams club parking lot. So we moved. We spend our money there and then we are told we can't spend the nite on an empty lot. I guess Wal-Mart doesn't like all these rvs buying from them.