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Lexington Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(308) 324-7427
200 Frontier St
Lexington, Nebraska


Overnight parking


August 5, 3:45pm - reviewed by Virgil
Mr. Virgil
Did a stop over for one night. Yes, there are a lot of 18 wheelers doing the same thing, but, not dangerous at all. It was crowded on a Sat night and somewhat noisy from all the trucks generators. Since WalMarts are far apart in this area it was doable.

June 28, 8:05am - reviewed by M Stewart
Just drove by this Wal Mart and they have a separate truck parking lot on the side near the loading docks. This is a great service and in no way affects any RV staying here. Why would you be afraid of trucks? We stay in our large rig in truck stops all the time and find it quite nice.

June 25, 9:23pm - reviewed by T. Lowell
Walmart Parking
Parking for campers is allowed but this place is used by truckers as a truck stop! It is terrible - and dangerous because they park anywhere they want. Go someplace else if you can.