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Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park Jellystone

1.3 Stars 1.3 - 6 Reviews  $$$$$
(219) 762-7757
5520 Old Porter Road
Portage, Indiana


Water, Electric, Sewer, Pool, Pets allowed, Tents


July 24, 2019 - reviewed by Arias
3.0 Stars   $45
The Other Reviews And Ours
So we booked here without reading reviews because there wasn’t a whole lot of options. THEN read the other reviews and thought we might have to find other emergency options. The place is actually pretty great, if you get the right location. Yes, this is a MASSIVE community that most people live here, but many if not most of the community puts love into their sites and they seem to have great events here. IE, Christmas in July and even the Zoppe Circus which was adorable! We rented a golf cart ($50) and drove the neighborhood and YES did find one lot that was kinda “swampy”, so maybe one of the reviews got that site? But we are in 924 and it’s awesome! Only real down side is that we are right on a railroad, and it’s a little loud. But the lake, beach, pools, arcade, playground, snack shop (closed Tuesday and Wednesday), mini golf, boat rentals, and general vibe. . . . We would def stay here again. Been to better and been to much worse.

July 8, 2019 - reviewed by CMKG
1.0 Stars   
This is not an RV park. It’s a gated mobile home neighborhood. It is massive in size and very crowded. Most sites are occupied by people who live there 365. They also have a bunch of speed bumps.

July 12, 2018 - reviewed by Hugh L
1.0 Stars   
Length issue
If you're over 40 feet go to woodland village if you're done driving.

May 28, 2018 - reviewed by CubKat
1.0 Stars   
Yogi Bear! thought this would be great! Pulled in late at nite. My husband checked us in. He said the lady who checked us in was intioxicated, and asked us to pay in CASH! ( can’t understand why??)We went to our site, I got out of the car-& Literally ran to my rv to get inside!! The STENCH outside was disgusting!! Didn’t know it was next to a Sewage Treatment Plant! The ground too was wet, & muddy, possibly run-off from the plant?? The people here are possibly transients? All permanent sites w/ old trailers w/ sheds built on to them w/ tarps! The pool doesn’t allow no-one under 21! Needless to say -my husband was prepared for anyone busting through our door, w/ a Machete ! (He told me in the a.m.) I was petrified! I said Let’s Get-the Hell out of Here FAST!! My husband also felt it was unsafe to leave at nite, So we left in the light of the morning! Doesn’t deserve 1star! They won’t let me post if I don’t rate the shitty place!

September 27, 2016 - reviewed by Mitch J.
1.0 Stars   
Turn Around! Go Somewhere Else!
We pulled up at this hole late one night to be greeted by a trailer park, and a sewage treatment plant. We pulled in and we were told to park and wait for someone to check us in. A rusty black dodge pulls up and a guy with a cig hanging out of his mouth greets us and tells us to come in this tiny dark hut. I don't normally get the heebie jeebies but a scene from the movie deliverance came to mind. I checked in and went to my site. The site seemed normal while it was dark out but when I woke up in the morning I could really see the hell I was in. My wife literally cried and begged me to leave it was so bad. The full timers were everywhere. Their dwellings were covered in mold and blue tarps. They were out doing engine overhauls on their golf carts. One guy actually had a used golf cart lot in his front lawn. It was so bad. We went down to the lake to get away from all of the filth.. Saw the lifeguard smoking cigs NEXT TO SMALL CHILDREN. We booked elsewhere and Left. BEWARE!

September 5, 2016 - reviewed by Krissy
1.0 Stars   
We prefer to camp at Yogi Bear's and have camped at many many ones across the US. This by far is the worst one we have ever been to. The staff is extremely unfriendly. 99% of this "campground" is full timers who have permanent lots. If you are a weekender than the staff seems to seek you out just to give you a hard time. 1 minute after entering the campground I got yelled at by multiple staff members for slowly rolling through a stop sign that I did not see. No one was coming and when I tried to explain it to them that the glaring sun was in my eyes, the guy yelled back at me and told me to "pay more attention." Thanks for the nice welcome wagon! We also got yelled at for walking our dog outside of the playground area, by a staff member who was smoking in the playground right by the "no smoking" sign. The point is- if you are not a full Timer here, then they don't take kindly to you. Such a shame for a Yogi Bear campground.

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