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Jacksonville Walmart Supercenter Walmart Center

(904) 751-5552
13227 City Square Dr
Jacksonville, Florida


Overnight parking


November 29, 6:02am - reviewed by Bob
24' BTCruiser
Stayed here..no issues. Other than numerous Tt's all around..most TT's were at adjacent lowes P-lot. Park on Lawn and Garden side..upper...near Cafe end.

October 7, 3:29pm - reviewed by AJN
ATTENTION ALL RVers We attempted to stay here overnight on 9/26/17. We phoned the store manager who confirmed that overnight RV parking was, indeed permitted. First Red Flag: there were no RV's parked there. About 1/2 hour later, another RV pulled in across from us. We were exhausted and wanted to shower, eat something and go to sleep. I went to bed first and was almost asleep when the very loud sound of screeching tires, that seemed so very close to us, made me sit up! I listened for a few minutes and I heard a vehicle drive slowly past us so I looked out and the other RV had driven away. I decided that I didn't want to stay there. When we started to drive away, I heard a sound coming from the right side of us and saw a semi parked in front of Lowes and to our surprise there was a woman servicing the trucker in plain site! We left immediately. I DO NOT recommend this place to other RVers.

May 15, 1:49am - reviewed by CEWHEELER
Warmly Welcomed
Lots of shops and restaurants. We ate at Buffalo Wings with their over 200 TV displays.

April 6, 1:03pm - reviewed by Pat
Overnight Parking IS Allowed
Great convenient location off I95, with plenty of safe RV parking. Can walk to tons of restaurants and retai