RV Parks & Campgrounds

Walmart Ottawa #1031 Walmart Center

(613) 562-0500
450 Terminal Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario


Overnight parking


December 20, 10:52pm - reviewed by MirandaMovesALot
Great Stop
Definitely allows overnight parking, very safe place. You can even get the free WiFi if you park in the first row, however it was noisy and bright so I moved further back after a movie :)

May 30, 4:27pm - reviewed by Minh Nguyen
Great Place
We live in ottawa and seeing people camp there all the time. Quite and safe neighboorhood and lot of restaurent and store

September 13, 10:49am - reviewed by Ryan McDonald
Good Stop
Quite and a safe to park. Often used by many travelers. We live around the area and know it well.

August 7, 3:50pm - reviewed by Ritten
Great Stay
We were here for 3 nights. Caught the city transit bus, right by Wal-Mart, to downtown each day ($2.60 /person) and saw Ottawa Parliament and much more. Wal-Mart was great.